December 7, 2009 By Edison D. Ong
i.Can Worldwide, in partnership with information technology and mobile solutions providers Logica and Fronde Anywhere, has created a service that empowers with customers with cashless freedom and convenience in shopping and payment transactions.

The i.Can service covers ordering using the cellular phone, mobile payment and content distribution from various businesses to different consumer and business partner touch points. i.Can Worldwide is part of the TAO Community of Companies, whose business is founded on commodities and physical distribution.

“A common belief in mobile commerce brought us together,” said Concepcion Octaviano, chief operating officer, i.Can Worldwide. “We are here to give better service to our customers, not just technology.

If our customers are happy, they become loyal to us.”

Added Gigi Montinolla, president, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). “Each expert is extending their space.”

i.Can is a mobile commerce system that works by linking a consumer directly to his bank account, his credit cards, his favorite shops, restaurants, cinemas, airlines, etc. – all through the mobile phone.

It uses a simple, easy-to-read, menu-based system that is loaded onto your mobile phone. There is no need to type in words or instructions – just move the selector up and down to your choices then click to confirm. I.Can does the rest.

For example, if you want to catch the latest blockbuster without waiting in line, just click on the SURESEATS tab on the i.Can menu. Choose the movie you want to see, its schedule, and the Ayala cinemas of your choice. i.Can will deduct the payment from your bank account and tell Sureseats to reserve a seat for you. SURESEATS will then send a confirmation to your mobile phone, which you show upon arrival at the cinema.

If you want to acquire the newest Nokia phone right away, just click on the Memo Express and choose the Nokia phone model you want. i.Can will deduct the payment from your bank and forward your order to Memo Express. Then go to any Memo Express cashier, show your purchase confirmation, and enjoy your new Nokia phones.


In a related development, the Bank of the Philippine Islands has introduced BPI Express Mobile Mall, a service facility under BPI’s 24/7 Banking that gives clients the freedom to use their mobile phones to shop from merchant partners.

“Majority of the country’s population already own mobile phones. Using the available technology, BPI Express Mobile Mall provides the means to make activities like buying clothes or getting a cup of coffee convenient and easy,” said Teresita B. Tan, BPI Senior Vice President and Head of Overseas Banking and Channels Services.

The BPI Express Mobile Mall facility is an applet that can be downloaded into a GPRS-capable mobile phone. Once connected to the Internet – whether via Wifi or GPRS – users can now utilize the applet to leisurely “go shopping” without having to leave their homes. Purchases are immediately debited to the user’s registered BPI account.

Current merchant partners for the BPI Express Mobile Mall include Philips and Memo Express, the Rustan’s Group of Companies, and Ayala Malls’ SURESEATS.

“The objective of BPI 24/7 Banking is to give clients more freedom through a more convenient and round-the-clock banking service. When you can do banking transactions on the go – anytime, anywhere – you gain time to do other things,” added Tan.

To use the BPI Express Mobile Mall Facility, BPI clients must be Express online users and have GPRS-capable mobile phones. Registration can be done through the Internet and activation of the registration through any BPI ATM kiosks.

November 30, 2009
Imagine shopping, putting in orders, and paying bills using only your mobile phone. Such convenience is now possible with the i.Can mobile application, which directly links to the owner’s bank account for purchases in shops, restaurants, cinemas and airlines.

Joining i.Can Worldwide, a subsidiary of TAO Community of Companies, were its partners Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Nokia, Philips, Memo Express, Rustan’s, Store Specialists Inc. and Ayala Theaters Management Inc.

“Many businesses and retailers have already expressed interest in i.Can,” said i.Can Worldwide chief operating officer Nini Octaviano.

Present during the event were BPI chief executive officer and president Gigi Montinola, SVP and group head overseas banking and channel services group Tessie Tan, Nokia head of commercial operation Gerard Yusay, Altus president John Quimbo, Philips consumer lifestyle senior sales manager Victor Caindec, and Ayala Mall’s Atty. Rolando Duenas.

Philippine Daily Inquirer (Business)
November 20, 2009 By Vanessa B. Hidalgo

In this day and age, when technology has virtually shrunk our world, one can say that nothing is impossible as long as you have a mobile phone within your reach.

When cellular phones got into the hands of the masses in the late 1980s, nobody thought the devices could spawn such a thing as a “mobile lifestyle”.

Before, people use their mobile phones only to call and send text messages. Now, the handy gadget has the capacity to send quick e-mails, surf the Internet and access Facebook pages.

And when you thought that it couldn’t get any better than this, it did.

With i.Can, you can shop, order and pay for goods and services using your mobile phone.

First of its kind

The newest mobile commerce system, the first of its kind here in the Philippines, has allowed consumers to link up with their banks, credit card merchants, favorite shops, restaurants, cinemas and airlines through their mobile phones.

With i.Can, “retail therapy” has become better than ever.

The system is part of the TAO group of companies, whose business is founded in commodities and physical distribution.

A brainchild of Logica and Fronde-two of the top IT mobile solution service providers-i.Can enables consumers to enjoy cashless freedom.

It also offers mobile ordering, mobile payment and content distribution from various businesses to consumers.

With Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Ayala Malls, Ayala Cinemas, Nokia, Memo Express, Philips and Rustan’s as partners, i.Can aspires to make every consumer’s shopping experience as convenient and stress-free as possible.

November 16, 2009 By Chris G. Ordonia REPORTER

A newly established company, i.Can Worldwide, has introduced a new mobile commerce system that enables people to shop, order and pay all sorts of things and services through their mobile phones.

Dubbed as i.Can, the new system works by linking the mobile phone user directly to his or her bank account, credit cards, favorite shops, restaurants, cinemas, airlines, among others, all through his or her mobile phone.

i.Can has already linked up with several leading banks and retail establishments, all over the country such as the Bank of the Philippine Islands, Rustan’s, Stores Specialists Inc., Ayala Sureseats Cinema, Philips, Memo Express, Sky Cable, among others.

Concepcion Octaviano, chief operating officer of i.Can Worldwide, said the new service is easy to use. A customer just need to download and install the i.Can application into his or her mobile phone and pre-register a mobile personal identification card.

Octaviano said, through a mobile app in a mobile phone, a customer could shop at an affiliated i.Can store or an establishment, order and pay for all sorts of things and services. The amount of the products or services is instantly debited from a customer bank account.

i.Can user can even shop abroad and have the items shipped and delivered directly to his or her loved ones at home.

The new service, which hopes to attract young professionals and businessmen, was created by i.Can Worldwide, in partnership with UK-based Logica and New Zealand’s Fronde Anywhere, both information technology and mobile solutions service providers.


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